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Startups eager to be part of London’s tech story

As London Technology Week draws to a close, it’s been great celebrating the fact that London is now the capital of Europe’s tech scene, with almost three times as many startups choosing to base themselves in the city.

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson said he was hardly surprised that London’s entrepreneurs are “clamouring to be part of the incredible London tech story”.

Rooster Punk who held a storytelling breakfast briefing (as part of London Technology Week).

has listed the top takeouts of the event below:

  1. The biggest challenge for human beings today is we’re struggling with all the choice we face, and stories help cut through the complexity.
  2. Old-world phrases like ‘Selling’ and ‘Media’ are being replaced by relationship-building phrases like ‘Stories’ and ‘Sustainability’.
  3. You can’t fake it like in the pre-recession days and sell everyone an average product or service and still turnover a profit. Now customers see through this, so you have to be truly remarkable in everything you do.
  4. Storytelling is like joke telling – you have to get the punch line right.
  5. Nine out of 10 of companies make us think too hard – it’s the ones that don’t make us think that are successful. When our brains are on ‘autopilot’ it is stories that rise above the noise, not product messages.
  6. If you’re not sharing emotional content with your audience, you’re missing out on customers willing to pay eight times more for your product.
  7. No one cares about your product but you. Every brand should be telling 13 core Stories to help surface emotional messages your audience relates to.
  8. Meaningful brands make 46 per cent more profit than average brands. Customers are looking for meaningful brands with meaningful stories that tell them how a brand is going to help improve the quality of their lives. “It’s business suicide to not think about and tell the audience the ‘why’ of what you do.”

Source: By Gemma Huckle

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