Whilst I was transitioning from my day job to my start-up company, the initial income from my start up on its own was insufficient to cover my living expenses without the day job.  In my experience, when you finally decide to break free from the rat race and do something drastic about it, somethings has to give. It was impossible to work my day job and give my start up the attention it required. In this article, we have examined numerous options that can bring an extra boost to your income, all of which you can start straight away this weekend as a first step to releasing the shackles your day job has on your financial situation. Some of these have been absolutely fundamental to supporting me during my transitional period. I only wished someone would have given me some of these gold nuggets when I was in my hustling stage, therefore I would like to offer this information and hope it will help you as much as it has helped me.


Remote English Tutoring

There is a huge demand for English tutors with the patience to regularly coach people over a classroom or video call platform, we can easily make £20 an hour from clients in places such as Hong Kong or China.  You might think why would someone pay so much for tutoring? The reason being, parents are looking to put their child in the best position to compete in the competitive jobs marketplace. English is still the world’s number one language, especially sought after is an authentic English accent, this is regarded it as “proper” English. In hopes that their child’s linguistics would be influenced by their tutor if they spend more time with them.  It will then be your task to keep them engaging and learning from yourself.

A friend of mine has set up a company to link tutors in the U.K to the demanding client market in Asia. They’ve streamlined the process so you won’t have to do the marketing and sorting out payments yourself.  If you are interested, you can find out more here.



Online Dating Consultant-

If you have been able to get some success in getting a date via online dating, your skills are worth good money.  Finding love has such an immense emotional value attached to it, there are tonnes and tonnes of people out there who can’t seem to navigate well with online dating platforms.

Having expert advice for navigating around on Tinder, OkCupid or Coffee meets bagel is something many people are willing to pay money for.  Some of the best dating coaches charge hundred of pounds an hour for their individual coaching.  The truth is that you do not have to be the best, you just simply have to find people who knew less than you do on these platforms to start making money.  If you have some sort of experience on how to navigate and what to post on these kinds of platforms and help others get some sort of result then you are good to go.


Instagram marketing-

If you have been growing your Instagram account and reached a sizeable Instagram following, you will be approached by major brands and other businesses with products and services your audience might be interested in.  You can find advertisers from network such as influencer.uk/

The Tour Guide
with photos of the area.

Local Tour Guide- 

One of the recent success stories we had over in Manchester is a guy applying local knowledge alongside a passionate interest to form a viable business.  Gin Journey takes people with an interest in Gin for a tour in Manchester tasting some of the unique gin certain bars have to offer. Absolutely brilliant!


Teaching Online Courses

If you have a skill or a way to perform a task, you can put up an online course over a weekend to help you start making money.  Simply identify what you have to teach or offer, record yourself with your phone and choose an online platform to post it into.  My current business has courses on Udemy as well as some self-hosted platforms. You always have to remember that you do not have to be an expert. You simply teaching someone who knows less than you do and you will be qualified to teach.


Sport Trading

My business partner and I used this technique with much success. We’ve since used some innovation to scale up our business and provided ourselves with some safe and secure regular income whilst stuck between our jobs and our agency firm.  Market trading is where you put your money in the exchange and trade against another trader on price consensus.  The method we used in this marketplace helped us fill the financial gap during the transition. There are no cons regarding this method other than you can’t get rich from doing it, but you can certainly make enough to contribute a decent amount to your living expenses.  You can find out more HERE, where we have created a quick entry level course for you FREE and you can expect to earn around £30-40 from these 2 trades at no risk at all.


Refurbishing Electronic Goods 

I have a friend who collects unwanted or faulty electronic devices such as iPads, laptops and Macbooks. Most of the time the devices are fixable, with a little research on sites such as iFixit and forums.  These gadgets will then be re-born and can be listed on eBay looking for a new home and owner.  He also sells the console as parts if the damage is beyond repair.  Obviously, you’ll have to have a certain degree of interest in this area to make this work, all I can say is, it can be extremely profitable.


Start An e-Commerce Site

One of the major sources of income we make is in eCommerce, you can put up a store with a handful of items listed in less than 3-4 hours with Shopify.  For us, we actually made 2 sales on our first day which was a massive confidence boost.  We did make some errors along the way and but was quickly rectify.  You have to be aware that trends and popularity of an item come and go, the key to success in this game is to constantly research and keep on learning,  testing and adapting to the market.  We have our system broken down into an easy overview for our staff to use.


Youtube Spike Video

An Associate of mine from Hong Kong makes use of this technique by looking out for trending news or topics and creates numerous versions of the topic.  This can be spoofs, footage or related news around the hot topic. As it trends, with some optimisation and marketing, he could easily get 20k+ views in a short period of time. Google Adsense pays him on the videos he makes based on a number of interactions it achieves. Once created the video lives on Youtube and stays there to make him money.

I have been testing this method and adding my skillset from digital marketing, we have been seeing some pretty great results.


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